MES-CoBraD new project start and kickoff meeting

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Healthcare worker using an advanced tablet pc

HOLISTIC is proud to coordinate the Dissemination and Communication activities of the brand new Multidisciplinary Expert System for the Assessment & Management of Complex Brain Disorders (MES-CoBraD), Horizon 2020 project, that started on the 1st of April 2021.

It has a duration of 36 months and constitutes an interdisciplinary project combining Real-World Data (RWD) from multiple clinical and consumer sources through comprehensive, cost-efficient, and fast protocols towards improving diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcomes in people with Complex Brain Disorders (CoBraD), as reflected in Neurocognitive (Dementia), Sleep, and Seizure (Epilepsy) disorders and their interdependence.

MES-CoBraD will develop advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, and expert systems of precision and personalized care with a primary focus on improving the quality of life of patients, their caregivers, and the society at large. MES-CoBraD is going to offer a new insight towards the early diagnosis of CoBraD, ensuring in this way a high quality of life.

The project’s kick-off meeting is going to take place virtually on Tuesday 13 of April.