HOLISTIC Energy Management Solution

HOLISTIC Energy Management Solution

The added value of HOLISTIC Energy Management Solution is the “data-driven” Intelligent Management System that encounters the inherent barriers of the analytical, simulation based tools, which are building / sector specific, enabling thus the “plug in” of different infrastructures that generate streams of data, their modelling and further processing, through inference rules, to produce short-term actions.

ECO SENSE presented in the international conference HELORS 2023


HOLISTIC, in collaboration with the other partners of the ECO SENSE project, successfully participated in the international conference on Operational Research - HELORS 2023, which took place in Athens from June 29th to July 1st. The ECO SENSE platform, the set of tools and the ECO SENSE certification system that were developed in the context of the project, as well as the relevant Multi-Criteria Analysis methods applied, were presented, with the aim of supporting Municipal Enterprises in the implementation of actions to reduce carbon footprint and adapt to climate change.


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DIAMOND will update, upgrade, and fully open six IAMs that are emblematic in scientific and policy processes, improving their sectoral and technological detail, spatiotemporal resolution, and geographic granularity. It will further enhance modelling capacity to assess the feasibility and desirability of Paris-compliant mitigation pathways, their interplay with adaptation, circular economy, and other SDGs, their distributional and equity effects, and their resilience to extremes, as well as robust risk management and investment strategies.

BD4NRG open call

Open Call Details

BD4NRG has launched its Open Call, which is open until 15 December 2022 at 17:00h CET (Brussels time) for applicants to submit their applications. BD4NRG is looking for Big-data governance and analytical applications in the energy sector (innovative solutions and prototypes under BD4NRG’s three main pillars BD4-NET, BD4-DER, BD4-ENEF).

BD4NRG envisions to provide financial support to innovators, as a means to enhance the current work of demonstration efforts and tools to elevate the BD4NRG overall framework.

Delivering on the Paris Agreement in a fragmenting world - Final Conference of the PARIS REINFORCE project

Photograph from the conference

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

After 3.5 very productive and scientifically exciting years, the PARIS REINFORCE research project is coming to an end. To celebrate what we achieved and to effectively disseminate the knowledge co-/produced all these years, the PARIS REINFORCE consortium hosted its final event in Paris, France, on November 15, 2022. The event, "Delivering on the Paris Agreement in a fragmenting world", was held at the breathtaking Salle Louis Liard de la Sorbonne and was co-organised with the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne university and the World Energy Council – France.



EV-CHAIN aims to support the application of "blockchain" technology during the process of charging electric vehicles. With the development of the new EV-CHAIN technological solution, every transaction carried out by the users at electric vehicle charging points, will be practically "processed" automatically and safely allowing for ease of access to all EV charging platforms.

ECO SENSE presented in the 94th EWG-MCDA conference

Το ECO SENSE παρουσιάστηκε στο συνέδριο 94th EWG-MCDA

HOLISTIC along with the rest of the partners of the project ECO SENSE, successfully participated in the European conference on Operational Research – 94th EWG-MCDA that took place in Elounda/Crete on the 15th to 17th of September. George Stravodimos presented the tools developed for the project and the Multi Criteria Analysis methods applied, aiming in supporting the Municipal Enterprises in taking action to reduce their Carbon Footprint and adjust to Climate Change!