HOLISTIC Energy Management Solution

HOLISTIC Energy Management Solution

The added value of HOLISTIC Energy Management Solution is the “data-driven” Intelligent Management System that encounters the inherent barriers of the analytical, simulation based tools, which are building / sector specific, enabling thus the “plug in” of different infrastructures that generate streams of data, their modelling and further processing, through inference rules, to produce short-term actions.

Sustainable Places 2021

Sustainable Places 2021

Buildings have been identified as a major contributor to global energy usage, driving much discussion on how to be decarbonized towards zero-energy consumption fostering emerging efforts in several domains. Moreover, the increasing growth of building Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and smart building systems, is continuously expanding.

ENCLUDE Kick-Off Meeting

ENCLUDE Kick Off Meeting Screenshot

In the transformation of the energy system, citizens are becoming increasingly important as engaged, involved and shaping participants. This role of participatory energy consumers is reflected in the term "energy citizen". ENCLUDE supports the EU on the way to a just and solidarity-​based decarbonisation path. The EU project aims to share new knowledge and motivate the broadest possible population to contribute to the energy transition.



The overall vision of the Energy Citizens for Inclusive Decarbonization (ENCLUDE) is to help the EU to fulfill its promise of a just and inclusive decarbonization pathway through sharing and co-creating new knowledge and practices that maximize the number and diversity of citizens who are willing and able to contribute to the energy transition.

Motivated by achieving an equitable and sustainable future and the fulfillment of individual potential, ENCLUDE will contribute to the upcoming transformation of energy use by:



One of the key features of the Paris Climate Agreement is the five-yearly Global Stocktake (GST). The purpose of the GST is to review the implementation of the Paris Agreement in order to assess the collective progress towards achieving the purpose of the Agreement and its long-term goals. The outcome of the GST shall inform Parties in updating and enhancing their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).