HOLISTIC in Elevate Greece

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Elevate Greece

HOLISTIC has been admitted to the National Startup Registry for its innovative “Data-Driven” Energy Management Solution for local authorities, energy service companies, energy suppliers, facility managers, as well as building occupants!

Elevate Greece operates the official National Startup Registry where Greek enterprises can be registered and certified as startups as long as they meet the criteria of innovation and scalability.

Launched by the Ministry of Development and Investments, Elevate Greece is the official platform for the Greek startup ecosystem, aiming to identify promising startups, support their growth through benefits and assistance, provide networking opportunities and international promotion, thus nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem.

The Registry aims to serve as a reliable resource for investors from Greece and abroad! This way, Elevate Greece aims to make Greece a global innovation hub and a leader in Southeast Europe.

The added value of the HOLISTIC EMS lies in correlating various types of data from different sources, hence integrating different systems, to optimize and achieve intelligent energy management of buildings, and, potentially, districts/cities.

This advanced tool is easily adaptable, not just to specific sectors, but also to specific cities/buildings with different features depending on, for example, the types of buildings, energy infrastructure and energy demand. All these aspects open more opportunities and offer greater business potential in the market for an intelligent energy system as the one offered by HOLISTIC.

Based on data monitored real-time (e.g. weather conditions, buildings’ energy profiles, occupants’ feedback, energy prices, energy production) and predicted data produced by the prediction models (e.g. forecasting energy production, energy consumption), HOLISTIC EMS generates action plans for the energy managers and energy end-users (e.g. scheduling and management of the occupancy, set point temperature, on/off of the heating system; management of the air side economizer; scheduling the PV maintenance; scheduling the energy flows towards energy cost optimization).

The solution has been installed in different types of buildings across Europe. New pilot applications within the framework of the H2020 MATRYCS project have been scheduled.